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About us 

Capes was created by Ryan Buckle, a trained REPS gym instructor and level three personal trainer, currently studying a BSc (Hons) in health, exercise and physical activity at UCP Marjon. 

Back in 2005, Ryan was involved in a nasty motorbike accident which left him with a broken leg and complicated back problems. He spent many months trying to locate a therapist who could help him on his road to recovery, often getting referred to the wrong people.  

Ryan’s experience highlighted the problem in the system: patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal problems often don’t know where to find the treatment they need. When going through the NHS, there isn’t always the time to spend on matching patients with the right therapist for their condition. 

So Capes was born: a website that efficiently matches patients with a therapist who can help them recover quickly and efficiently. 

Unlike other listings services, therapists don’t pay to be featured on Capes. The website is entirely patient-focused and it wasn’t created to make money. Following his experience, Ryan saw the gap in the market and has worked hard to fill it with a service that competently benefits everyone involved.