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Sophrology And Its Growth In The UK

Sophrology was born in 1960 in Spain and developed by Alfonso Caycedo, a Columbian neuropsychiatric doctor. Professor Caycedo worked towards healing depressed and traumatised clients avoiding the use of drugs and psychiatric treatments where possible. Professor Caycedo was interested in the human conscious and it’s varying states and levels, which can be utlised to achieve positive therapeutic results. He carried out studies into clinical hypnosis, phenomenology (a branch of philosophy) and Western relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and progressive… Read More >

Personal Training is a useful tool for anyone. From the humble mum of 2 to the advanced athlete a good Personal Trainer can help you to lose weight, tone up, increase your muscle mass, rehabilitate you from an injury and even guide you right through sports and performance specific training. But, how do you know if a personal trainer is legitimate or even safe? In the UK it is incredibly easy to become a personal trainer and the profession is overshadowed by what we like to call the ‘weekend qualified personal trainer’. What do you mean I hear?  Well, to become a personal… Read More >

An overview of Plymouth Physiotherapy Processes

The Definition of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy refers to the process which helps in restoring function and movement to return the patient or recipient to normal functioning  when the individuals affected by an injury, disability or illness. As a service of healthcare, the profession of Physiotherapy covers a wide range of processes which requires working with individuals so that they can improve and protect their wellbeing and ensure his or her healthy living. Plymouth boasts of some of the best Physiotherapists around and its Physiotherapy processes include the latest… Read More >

Plymouth Matters: Common Myths & Facts About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most well known and commonly used complementary therapies around. It has long been used by the NHS for the treatment and rehabilitation of many common illnesses or injuries.Unfortunately, despite its prevalence in modern medicine and therapy, the profession is still shrouded in mystery; and with that mystery, often comes myth and misconception.Physiotherapy is a vast and collective type of therapy that deals with the complete care of a patient, from the initial stages of any condition, injury or diagnosis, through recovery and rehabilitation, right… Read More >

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