Robert Downey Jr, Penelope Cruz, Matt Damon, The Hoff…just some of the famous names that are advocates of the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture; but the list doesn’t end there. There are countless celebs that positively promote the use of Acupuncture and attribute aspects of their own good health to this complementary therapy. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, its little surprise that so many people speak highly of it, after all, if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t still be here. The practice of inserting hair-thin needles into specific points… Read More >

Realistically, the vast majority of us will need to see a Physiotherapist in Plymouth at some point in our lives. None of us are immune to injury, but Physiotherapy also covers such a large array of conditions, ailments and issues that the chances are you could already benefit from a visit, you just may not realise it yet. This wonderfully varied area of Complementary Health Care aims to restore and improve the body’s natural functions, allowing us to rehabilitate from injury, or manage long term issues more successfully.   Below are 10 of the most common reasons… Read More >

The Plymouth Half Marathon!

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Plymouth Half MarathonWhile yesterday’s London Marathon runners soak blistered feet and rest weary legs, elsewhere in the country another group of keen runners are just beginning the final preparations for their big event on the 27th April; The Plymouth Half Marathon is a 13 mile course that takes in some of the stunning Plymouth scenery with runners of all backgrounds and experience levels taking part year after year. Since 2000, The Plymouth Half Marathon has been recognised as one of the top 10 half marathons in the UK. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marathon… Read More >

It may seem odd to most of us to visit a Sports Therapist in Plymouth for our injuries or issues, but take heed, Sports Therapists in Plymouth are making their mark in the world of physical health now more than ever before. Picture: Sports Therapist Plymouth Kirk SturrockSports Therapy Plymouth for everyoneIt was not all that long ago that seeing a Sports Therapist was only recommended if you were an athlete or even a team sport hobbyist. This particular area of physical therapy expertise was thought only to be appropriate if you had a ‘sports related injury’ and you… Read More >

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