Be part of Capes Health Professionals, a service that connects people with the right health professional.

Capes was conceived to guide people suffering with musculoskeletal problems, who are in need of rehabilitation, or people looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing directly towards someone who can help them. With the backing of local GP surgeries, businesses and universities, the website will be used by people who need specific professional services. Services like yours.

It’s free to set up your own profile and you can pack it full of case studies, photos, videos and details about your personal accomplishments and qualifications. You’ll be getting targeted leads so it’s your chance to win them over and show them your personality. Then, when the client comes to you for their first session, they’ll already feel like they know you.

When you’ve completed a client’s treatment, they can endorse your profile and recommend your service to other Capes users and their friends and family. But there’s no ratings system: we don’t believe it’s appropriate for such a complex service.

The leads you receive from being part of Capes are all totally free. If the client doesn’t take up your services, you don’t part with a penny. And you’ll receive feedback on why they didn’t choose you, so you can make any necessary changes to your profile.

We’re not in this to make large amounts of money but naturally there are running costs. The only time you’ll pay is if you sign up a client through Capes: in these cases we ask for a one off referral fee at the end of the month of £20.

So if you want to connect efficiently with people who need your help, sign up to Capes today and start building your professional profile.  

We’re always here to help if you have any questions. Alternatively see our FAQ page for any queries you may have

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