Capes brings clients & health professionals together

One simple place showcasing everything people need to know to choose and get in touch with the right health professional for them.

We bring clients and professionals together.

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Be Found, Be Recommended

We build a professional profile to understand who you are and what you do. We then refer clients to you both online and over the telephone based on your skills and interests.

Building Relationships

The Capes team build relationships with local businesses, communities and events connecting people in need of your services directly to you. We work hard to connect people to the service they need.

How It Works


Its completely FREE to join Clients are referred straight from Capes to book there session with you. Each new client that calls or emails you through Capes is a new lead that contacts you directly through a unique telephone number assigned to you and diverted to your phone.


When you join you can create special deals for clients to bring more clients your way. When you create a deal we take payment for you online. The client is given a voucher with a unique voucher code to bring to their session. Enter the voucher code into your login area and we transfer the funds straight to you after the clients first appointment

Offering Clients More

With Deals you can offer bundles of sessions for health, fitness, rehabilitation, relaxation and therapy. Clients purchase these directly through the Capes website bringing you a new client, as well as custom from the client. We handle the payments for you.

Be a part of Capes. Simply Join For FREE, we do the rest.

Client Referrals

Free to join
0 leads = FREE
1 Leads = £15
2 Leads = £25
3 Leads = £35
4 or more Leads = £10 per lead


FREE to create deals
£15 per deal sold up to £120
Deals above £120 is billed at 12.5% of total cost